- anonymous surfing in internet.               

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

How to use anonymous surfing system
Open, and enter web address - for example: "", and surf web archive catalog, or submit your page to web archive.
When You need to open new address, open start page:, or in address bar, afer write your necessary websites address. For example:

How does it work?
Normally, web browser send all data directly to the web server (web site), you want to open. But using anonymous surfing system, all data at first are transmited to our servers, and than we request your page. Response data also goes through our servers.
Data transfer schematically in standartd way: you <-> web site;
you <-> <-> web site.
And, when page opened throught - we send them our data, not yours - so they do not see your personal info.
You use, and system shows to world only our servers IP addresses and data, so your IP address are not visible at any site You surf.
For example: your data are - IP: .
Browser and OS: CCBot/2.0 (

But surfing with your data will be - IP: .
Browser and OS:

Features: cookies, images, html, javascript, flash supprot. But possible not to work on all sites!

Why should i use, or why should i surf anonymously?
Almost any website / web service in the internet collect a lot of personal data, including your IP address, location. These data can be used for different purposes, sold and etc. So the way not to show them your data is to use
Many pages are blocked or differently shown from different places. Using - you can check, how it looks surfing them from different geolocation.

What does "anype" means?
"anype" means anonymous surfing in the internet :)

Is it 100% anonymous?
No! Your internet provider can see your transmited data to our servers. But offers anonymity from our servers to web page you open. See question/answer: "How does it work?". And Flash, Java, Javascript and etc technologies can endanger your anonymity. So better to disable them, in order to increase anonymity.

How can I add as proxy in my web browser?
You can not set in your web browser as proxy, because it is not an ordinary proxy server but web based proxy system. Therefore, it is only possible to use this service via web page.

More questions?
Concat us, see "Contacts" section.

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